Immune Boosting Kit

This kit is comes with our specialty formulated Supreme Green Superfood, Supreme AntiViral Immune Boosting Formula and Supreme Fruit Blend. Click here to get yours today.

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We are a linage based, woman owned apothecary in Pittsburgh. Coming from a long line of medicine women and midwives, we saw a need for the healing and helping hand of our generational knowledge, so in 2008, Ix Pomaj decided to open Cultural Oasis and educate the community about the importance of healing and the proper uses of herbs.

We specialize in custom herbal formulations for the individual. There is no “one size fits all” rule for us.

  • Our Noni Juice is only sourced from the sovereign country of Hawaii. It is believed to have the benefits of killing cancer cells, shrinking cyborgs tumors, reducing the risk of prostate issues and improving cardiovascular health.

    Noni Juice 
  • Male Tonic

    Specially formulated to assist with male health, this blend of herbs will assist with improving your over all health. Male Tonic is good for you at all stages as it is believed to provide you with vital zinc, assists with boosting your testosterone levels and improving prostate health/function.

    Male Tonic 
  • Uterine Detox Kit

    This kit is comprised of 8 steps that will detox your uterus, strengthen your uterus and cervix, balance your ph and cleanse your uterus for a truly balanced system from the inside out! 

    Uterine Detox Kit 
  • Full Body Detox

    Specifically formulated for those times that you may need a quick reset without the risk of being dehydrated, becoming fatigued or causing your body added stress. This formulation works with your body to assist it in recovery from potentially harmful toxins while your body does it’s reset.

    Full Body Detox Kit